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Are you struggling to find talent to fill your job openings? Inspire Lancaster is a resource designed to help businesses like yours build a robust talent pipeline to ensure your workforce is consistently equipped with the best and brightest. Through our platform, you can promote career exploration opportunities within your business, sparking interest and enabling local students and educators to gain a better understanding of the roles within your organization and the competencies necessary for success.

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of endless opportunities? At Inspire Lancaster, we believe that every career path is a world of possibilities waiting to be explored!

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Our expansive platform connects local organizations with enthusiastic and prepared individuals looking for work-based learning opportunities. Inspire Lancaster can help fill your pipeline and spark interest in the careers your company offers. This ensures that your business and career opportunities reach a qualified and motivated audience.

The latest opportunities for you

Creating a skilled workforce starts with providing career awareness and work-based learning experiences to students and educators. By showcasing opportunities within your business on Inspire Lancaster, you can play a pivotal role in preparing the future workforce and establishing a talent pool to assist your business in achieving its objectives.

Full-time Employment Opportunities

Company: Signature Custom Cabinetry, Inc. Opportunity Type: Part Time Job Industry: Manufacturing

Signature Custom Cabinetry, Inc. invites seniors entering the workforce upon graduation and interested in a woodworking career to visit our website at www.iwantworkwithpurpose.com for a current list of job openings.  If you wish to be part of our team, we invite you to submit an online employment application.  We are willing to train; no experience […]

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Healthcare Educational Opportunities

Company: Luthercare Opportunity Type: Career Day Speaker + 6 more Industry: Health Science

Luthercare invites both educators and students to explore career opportunities in long-term care! Learn more about the nursing field or discover the wide range of career opportunities available at our senior living communities. Discover a career path that truly offers fulfillment while contributing to quality care of older adults. Reach out to our recruitment team […]

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What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?

Company: MANTEC Opportunity Type: Industry Tours + 2 more Industry: Manufacturing

WSCM is a fun, hands-on career exploration program for 7th & 8th graders that: Exposes students to a modern manufacturing environment and the wide variety of well-paying jobs that are available (from entry level production to skilled trades, operations, engineering, management and beyond) Develops students’ ability to work together as a team through an immersive […]

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Career Day Speaker/Career Day – Marketing & Communications Career

Company: Lancaster Chamber Opportunity Type: Career Day Speaker + 1 more

As a guest speaker, I’ll be sharing firsthand insights into the world of crafting compelling messages, navigating social media landscapes, and building impactful brands. Discover the thrill of turning ideas into campaigns and the essential skills that set you on the path to a rewarding career. I’ll be unpacking the creative process, sharing industry anecdotes, […]

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Robotic WorX Program (Tours)

Company: Precision Cobotics Opportunity Type: Business Tour + 1 more Industry: Manufacturing + 1 more

Tour Our Lab Come take a tour of our lab located at Millersville University! The Precision Cobotics Solutions Lab located at Millersville University is the location for our Robotics WorX Program. Take a tour of the STEM lab which is the host to our Universal Robot and visit our interns as they work on developing […]

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The Stock Market Game (SMG)

Company: Foundation for Free Enterprise Education Opportunity Type: Service Learning Industry: Education & Training + 1 more

The Stock Market Game (SMG) is an online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students in the world of investing and personal finance and prepares them for financially independent futures. Students are challenged to develop a successful portfolio by investing a virtual $100,000. They work in teams of two to five to investigate […]

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