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Career Ready Lancaster! is a county wide action-based collaborative created to connect people to careers. Employers, education, and community partners work together to solve complex workforce issues and create a pipeline of skilled workers. Career Ready Lancaster! exists to bring these entities together. Career Ready Lancaster! is convened by the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board and includes partners such as the Lancaster County Stem Alliance and Lancaster Chamber. Together, we have officially recognized Inspire Lancaster as the tool to help connect students and jobseekers to work-based learning opportunities with local businesses. Select a document below to get more information regarding each opportunity type available to you:

Available Career Opportunities

Inspire Lancaster is committed to helping businesses and individuals connect and thrive! We offer work-based learning opportunities within Lancaster County that foster continuous growth and development.

Media Marketing Internship – January 2024

Company: Langan Financial Group Opportunity Type: Internship Industry: Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications + 1 more

Marketing Internship Description Job Summary: Langan Financial Group is recruiting a marketing media intern member for a part-time, flexible work week to support our marketing content strategies.  This position will have a chance to collaboratively engage, develop, implement, and evaluate marketing initiatives for Langan Financial Group. This individual will help support our marketing and operations […]

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Communications & Marketing Internship

Company: Lancaster Chamber Opportunity Type: Internship Industry: Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications + 3 more

Unlock the world of communications and marketing through our exciting high school internship program! Dive into real-world projects, from crafting engaging content to exploring social media strategies. Learn the ropes of effective storytelling and discover the impact of marketing in today’s dynamic landscape. Collaborate with our experienced team, attend strategy sessions, and gain hands-on experience […]

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Grow with us!

Company: The Wenger Group Opportunity Type: Apprenticeship + 11 more

Grow your career aspirations at The Wenger Group ~ career day, industry tour, co-op, mentorship, part time job.

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Dance Teacher in a school to teach, or as a guest speaker

Company: Dance Dynamix Opportunity Type: Career Day Speaker + 2 more Industry: Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications

Do you want your students to have a dance class? One of our qualified instructors can do that for any age! Or do you need a career day speaker? We love talking about all things DANCE!

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Construction Pre-Apprenticeship

Company: ABC Keystone

ABC Keystone offers a construction pre-apprenticeship program for students ages 16 and up. During the program, students learn basic construction math, how to navigate construction drawings, hand tools, power tools, rigging, materials handling, employability and communication skills. They also earn an OSHA 10-Hour Construction credential along with a completion certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. […]

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Career Day Speaker/Career Day – Marketing & Communications Career

Company: Lancaster Chamber Opportunity Type: Career Day Speaker + 1 more

As a guest speaker, I’ll be sharing firsthand insights into the world of crafting compelling messages, navigating social media landscapes, and building impactful brands. Discover the thrill of turning ideas into campaigns and the essential skills that set you on the path to a rewarding career. I’ll be unpacking the creative process, sharing industry anecdotes, […]

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