Educators, Empower Your Students

As educators, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future for your students, and Inspire Lancaster is here to support you in preparing them for success beyond the classroom. We are your trusted partner in empowering students with the tools and knowledge they need to transition seamlessly from education to employment. Our platform offers work-based learning opportunities tailored to students' needs.

How our program works

1. Explore Our Possibilities

Are you ready to embark on a journey of endless opportunities? At Inspire Lancaster, we believe that every career path is a world of possibilities waiting to be explored!

2. Register Your Account

Creating an account with Inspire Lancaster opens doors to a world of career opportunities, networking possibilities, and professional growth. Your journey starts here, it is just a few clicks away.

3. Make The Connection

Are you ready to connect with a business around a work-based learning opportunity? Once logged into your account, you'll gain the capability to establish connections with each participating employer to coordinate your experience.

The latest opportunities for you

Career awareness and work based learning opportunities provide students with a solid foundation to make informed career decisions. By accessing the many career exploration opportunities available through Inspire Lancaster, you can empower your students on their journey to success.

Career Fair Vendor

Company: Stryten Energy Opportunity Type: Career Day Speaker + 2 more Industry: Manufacturing

We are available to serve as a vendor at your career fair or to provide a speaker for your educational event.

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LancasterMakes Dream Team

Company: LancasterMakes Opportunity Type: Career Day Speaker + 1 more Industry: Manufacturing

LancaterMakes has a team of speakers ready to speak in schools about the careers in manufacturing and their own career journeys. To request a speaker, email Shannon Taggart at [email protected] You can learn more about that program and the speakers available here.  

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Part-Time, Seasonal Job Opportunities

Company: Part-Time, Seasonal Job Opportunities Opportunity Type: Part Time Job + 1 more Industry: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources + 1 more

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is open from Memorial Day weekend through the first Saturday in November.  There are many different areas to work in, so employees can choose what fits them best.  Great as a first job, an extra income job, or for retirees! See what our employees say: “This job has made me comfortable […]

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Robotics WorX Program

Company: Precision Cobotics Opportunity Type: Job Shadow Industry: Manufacturing + 1 more

Automation Engineering Mini Job Shadow The Automation Engineering Mini Job Shadow is an opportunity for high school STEM students looking to take their education outside of the classroom and gain real world experience with automation and robotics technologies. The high school students will get to work alongside our team of high school interns, college engineering […]

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Company: Stryten Energy Opportunity Type: Business Tour + 4 more Industry: Manufacturing
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Career Fair Vendor

Company: Elizabethtown College Opportunity Type: Career Day Speaker + 2 more Industry: Education & Training

We can be a vendor at your career fair or a speaker at your educational event.

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