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Chesapeake Watershed Initiative at Franklin & Marshall College
637 College Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603

Organization Overview

Funded by grants from the Richard King Mellon Foundation and the Steinman Foundation, the interdisciplinary Chesapeake Watershed Initiative (CWI) studies the legacy of human impacts on floodplains within the Chesapeake Watershed and applies its findings through targeted action focused in Lancaster County, PA. The CWI, housed at local Franklin & Marshall College, aims to understand the effects of colonial settlement, dam construction, dam removal, and restoration. The Initiative interacts with a wide variety of disciplines including history, hydrology, earth science, communications, politics, and economics to understand the complex relationship between our society and the Chesapeake Watershed. The CWI carries out its mission through a three-fold approach of science, education, and action. For more information, visit our website: